HumInt course

HumInt Course Massa, 15-16 December 2017 I.M.I. Security Service is glad to invite to attend following HumInt course planned in Massa (Tuscany) Emphasis: · Intelligence in US; · Threat detection; · Basics of HumInt; · Surveillance and Counter surveillance; Predictive behavior; · Practical exercise…

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K9 Explosive and Stowaways Detection

I.M.I. Canine Teams include a highly trained detection dog and handler. These teams conduct searches for: • detect a variety of explosive materials inside ship and port facility, near building exteriors, parking lots, office areas, vehicles, packages, and people in and around. They also provide…

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Port Security & Surveillance Summit 2017 In Singapore

A partecipare a questo summit internazionale, tra gli esperti internazionali di Port Security,è stato chiamato anche Cristian Ricci della IMI Security Service, il quale il giorno 16 marzo, affronterà il tema “Security Planning & Assessment for Ports – Key Considerations” Conferenza internazionale Port Security a…

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