The personel of IMI Security Service department provides at the following services:

Private investigation:

  • as a collaborator of the private investigator Giorgio Rosso authorized by Prefecture of Cuneo under article 134 Tulps.

Security Assessment for:

  • Ships (cargo, cruise, ferries, yachts);
  • Offshore units (fixed platforms, Jack-ups);
  • Port facilities (PFSA);

Security Audits:

  • In accordance with the ISPS code Part A paragraph 9. 4.1 an annual audit of the security activities specified in the Ship security plan should be carried out by persons independent of the activities being audited.
  • In accordance with the ISPS code Part B paragraph 16.59.2 an audit and review of the Port facility security plan should be carried out by an independent of body.

Security Plan for:

  • Ships (cargo, cruise, ferries, yachts). SSP includes bomb and drugs search plan and guidance on port security, investigating stowaways and procedures in case of terrorist attack;
  • Port facilities(PFSP).

K9 Service:

  • Dog for Explosive Detection;
  • K9 dog searches for: stowaways, drugs and contraband electronics (such as illicit mobile phones and wiretap). We are able to offer K9 stowaway service directly in Italy and Spain and with local companies, to which we are linked by agreements, in: Algeria, Ghana, Congo-Brazaville, Senegal, Nigeria, Arab Emirates, South Africa.

Anti piracy drill (BMP5)

Corporate Security:

  • IMI Security Service provides professional training and consultant solutions to reduce and control illegal activity occuring in the workplace, school and hotel.
  • SAR:Organize Robust Civilian SAR provision is an essential safety net for oil and gas companies working in offshore marine environments. Without an effective SAR plan in place, they take excessive risks with their workforce.
  • Rescue Swimmer:Rescue Swimmers team charged to rescue and provide medical aid to persons in distress in the sea.
  • Emergency Communication managementpreparation of emergency messages, for ships, shopping centers, Hotels, crowded places, to be used in case of emergency.